on disrupting facial recognition
c. 2019


From all appearances, deception has always been critical to daily survival—for human and non-human creatures alike—and, judging by its current ubiquity, there is no end in immediate sight

- Roy Behrens, Camoupedia

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The most advanced FACIAL RECOGNITION SOFTWARE uses approximately 80 ‘facial nodes’ to determine who a face belongs to. These nodes are located on major curvilinear points of the face.

Smartphone facial tech uses facial nodes located in the ‘T’ area for fastest and most effective facial recognition. This includes the brow, nose and lip area. Because your nose is mostly cartilage, the shape of it can be as wildly unique as a persons fingerprints. Your nose is the premiere area to consider when disrupting smartphone facial recognition tech.

By obfuscating these areas, you are able to disrupt the facial recognition software easily.


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Understanding Stealth Technology: During World War 2 and the Cold War, American Scientists at Lockheed developed the “Echo 1” computer software system, which made it possible to design an airplane with flat panels, called facets, which were arranged so as to scatter over 99% of a radar's signal energy "painting" the aircraft. We take that same theory and apply it to ANTI-FACE. By creating facets of planes over the face rather than nodes of curvilinear points, we are able to disrupt the cameras detection of who we are.